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Hello friends and welcome to Whitlow Enterprises EPA Smoke School. Whitlow is family owned and operated by Miss. Pamela and Uncle George Whitlow of West Monroe Louisiana, the home of the Duck Dynasty. We are here to serve you in any way we can. Just let us know what you need or want. Very big changes are on the horizon for smoke school. Our office will keep you informed on what you need to do to prepare for your compliance future. The digital age is upon us.  You are rapidly approaching a new day and a new beginning for total Environmental, Health, and Safety total compliance. Whitlow is standing at your door and knocking. We are first in this new line of technology and we are here to introduce you to the new age. We were number 2 in smoke school from day one.  We are moving up to number one and making giant steps to insure your compliance future. Whitlow Smoke School has been setting the customer service smoke school standard since April 1984 and we are often imitated, but we are the best that ever was. Our fees are reasonable and competitive. Momma always said you always get exactly what you paid for. In the vast majority of cases we have one day training sessions at each location on our schedule. Whitlow Enterprises invented the ½ day EPA Visible Emissions Method 9 certification in September 2001. We offer two morning and afternoon ½ day training and certification sessions at each location so you can train as many qualified visible emissions evaluators and observers required by your EPA Title V air quality permit without having to shut down your plant. When you register please take a moment to inform us if you prefer the morning or afternoon session. We are not just another cheap smoke school provider. We are the entire worlds greatest team.

The Whitlow team is a winner. You can trust your compliance to Whitlow. Paul Liard and I are retired Louisiana DEQ Air Quality Inspectors. David Wallace and David Standard are retired firefighters who have worked and played together since the 3rd grade. They know safety and OSHA. Can you imagine that? What a team. Of course our customer service starts with the first phone call or email and Pamela, Ashley, Lacey, and Mandy are here to take great care of you from beginning to certificate and anything beyond.  We will load the cart and pull it too. We will be on your team if you get a notice of violation or if you need us in the court room. We will assist you in understanding your permit. We do not just certify we train at each location.  Root for Whitlow Smoke School to win the battle and execute President George W. Bush Executive Order 13360 Contracting with service connected disabled veterans to turn smoke school back over to each state DEQ with 2 year EPA Method 9 Certificates. Now the Whitlow crew and Wild Wild West Law and Order

We also plan to make smoke school free again for you like it was before 2001. We also plan to establish the Whitlow American EHS training institute to insure all state, federal and industrial EHS employees are fully trained. We hold smoke school at over 100 open enrollment locations in 20 states and we are available for private on site smoke schools at the drop of a hat.  Whitlow EPA Visible Emissions Certificates are valid nationwide for 6 months in accordance with 40 CFR 60 and they have stood up in court more times than Carter has liver pills. We train EHS inspectors, coordinators, lawyers, and judges. We top off all of this southern hospitality customer service with home cooked hot spicy Cajun gumbo or jambalaya for your mouth watering lunch and we bring fresh donuts and coffee to wake you up in style. We also keep you hydrated with ice cold bottled water and soft drinks. We are Louisiana half bleed Cajuns and we proudly say just aks us and you can come pass a good time with Whitlow Smoke School. We are not in this business just for the money. I have always loved smoke school because my goal was to teach you how to be in total compliance. I started out in April 1984 with 500 industrial EHS people and I did the whole 9 yards by myself for pocket change at Louisiana DEQ. We know your certificate is very important to you and we strive to mail your hard copy within 2 weeks of your test date, even if your invoice is not paid yet. Let us know if an emergency arrives and we can fax your certificate. I was a bit lenient as a Louisiana DEQ inspector.

Coming very soon to a factory near you. Whitlow Smoke School will be focused on helping customers with the myriad of environmental regulations in a cost effective and economical manor using digital opacity monitoring. using inexpensive digital cameras that you observe from the air conditioned comfort of your office. Stand your ground. Protect your investment. Do not fall for the other competitor smoke school providers who want you to invest millions of bucks on their product. Now is the time to eliminate their monopoly forever. They are just after your hard earned cash.  I was told by Robin Segall, US EPA Air Quality in September 2001, that the United States Navy was perfecting digital opacity monitoring and smoke school would be obsolete in by 2006.To be completely honest with you that may or may not be the case today. But I know for a fact that this was the EPA intentions back in 2001, because I heard it from the horses mouth after I called Robin before I stepped out on a limb and retired from Louisiana DEQ to start my professional smoke school business. I can tell you now that gradually digital opacity has arrived and at first is now being required for hazardous air pollutants. My prediction is that over a period of years the EPA will bring all factories into the digital world of reality. Whitlow is on the ground floor and you are on our team. We are here not just for the money. I have never seen an armored car at a funeral possession in the entire state of Louisiana- not yet. WE ARE SMOKE SCHOOL and we are here to serve you for the duration. Amen Folks. The only catch is your cheap cameras have to be certified by Whitlow Smoke School. So we make a few bucks but you get good service. Service as good and real as the day is long. I may not look very smart and I may not always dress smart, due to the 13 years in Air Force Blue and the starched white medic uniforms required for Bioenvironmental Engineers assigned to USAF Hospital, Eglin AFB Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I do have a college degree 20 years of night school, a BS Bull S. degree in Liberal Arts, Environmental and Sociology, which means I have gas with class and I love the environment and people. I am Choctaw and I love mother earth. I have been working hand and hand with EPA and OSHA since 1976 and I know them like the back of my nicotine stained hands. I predict that anyone can apply for EPA permission to use Digital Opacity Monitoring and set up your rooftop or hand helld cameras after you are approved and you may just put a lot of these fly by night smoke school providers into digging ditches because smoke school may be obsolete as predicted by Robin Segall in 2001. In my humble honest opinin this is why EPA never bothered to change the regulations which uses 1976 BC technology before computers and laser beams to measure opacity. My next goal target is to pass a Congressional Amendment to the United States Constitution to make all federal, state, and local EHS inspectors comply to single yearly annual pre-schedule announced joint inspections of each major industrial plant. Now you see why Whitlow is so smart. Life is like a box of Chocolates. This will finally end all the turmoil and  inconsistencies for government inspectors and EHS coordinators and eliminate all the psychological therapy caused by all the confusion from bad untrained inspectors and eliminate the human errors on judging and evaluating opacity. We will enjoy life better and just go fishing with Jesus. I learned this a long time ago as a Louisiana DEQ inspector. When an inspector pulls up to your security gate, bring out your fishing poles and take them fishing. I used to catch a lot of red fish up close to the Gulf of Mexico where the plants dredged the canal for their barges. Grain elevators work great too. Fishing is not a bribe. My favorite gravel plant used to take me fishing during my inspections in a small John boat between the plant and the Plant Manager's double wide house trailer. We always got our limit on white perch in the back waters of the Mighty Mississippi River. He always picked up the phone and called me with any upsets. We got the job done without a lot of penalties. The LSU crowd breathed easier and the sky was blue.

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How to prepare for state and federal EPA inspections This could save you $90,000      Download EPA Method 9 Form    Save to your computer, type in words that never change, save again, then make copies.     Method 9 Instructions This is your desk top classroom.

Basic Fundamentals of Reading Opacity  You should learn these basic fundamentals to learn how to do it right the first time. You should always observe your opacity sources along side of state and federal environmental inspectors, because it is possible to pass the test, earn the certificate, without having a clue how to read opacity. Contact Whitlow immediately if you get a notice of violation or compliance order. Then call your lawyer. I know this for a fact Jack, because for the past 30 years industry officials have been calling me to investigate federal and state mistakes, that should have been caught and stopped by the inspector's supervisor. These government agencies are depending on you just to pay the fine to avoid court and embarrassment to your company that will affect your stock market value. Trust me, a lot of  these commercials you see about how a company protects the environment are a result of a bad inspection.

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This is your smoke school. We are Whitlow. We appreciate your suggestions. Do unto others like you would like them do to do unto you. Here are the normal things we do that make our competitors try to imitate us: This is how we demonstrate Loving Acts of Random Kindness.

  1. We do our homework before each smoke school with maintenance and calibration before each test

  2. We set the stage for optimal conditions for reading opacity even on cloudy days- contrasting background and shelter from rain and sun. If we cant find a contrasting background, God helps us create one for you.  You can not even see white smoke with white clouds for a background, much less read the opacity. I have heard my competitor smoke school providers brag," Hell, if they can see the opacity, let them take a wild guess at it. " Now hear this. Whitlow is the only smoke school that creates contrasting backgrounds. WE WANT YOU TO PASS THE EPA METHOD 9  CERTIFICATION TEST.  You make us feel happy that we are doing our job correctly when you pass the test. We do not use the quota system the others brag about in private. They don't feel like the test is good unless half of you fail every time you take the test.

  3. We start your day off with precise instructions on how to read opacity, fill out the forms, and take the visible emissions certification test. Remember this- read the background not the smoke. 25% opacity means 25% of the background is obscured by the smoke. Always read the opacity at the densest part of the plume. In our case, choose an observation point that is 12 inches in diameter the same diameter as our smokestack.

  4. Whitlow gives you plenty practice test opacity plumes to evaluate and we watch you to make sure you are following the correct basic fundamentals of reading opacity.

  5. We present the smoke school visible emissions evaluator certification test following EPA requirements of random opacity plumes from zero to 100%

  6. We focus on low level opacity readings from zero to 50%, most permits call for an average of 20% opacity over a 6 minute period. Some permits limit opacity to zero or 5%. Ray Charles can see 20% opacity. The certification test should not be based on a quota system designed to 50% of you will fail each test. We refuse to jump around like King Kong from 5% to 90% like a datburn yoyo Absolutely no point in this at all.

  7. After the test we allow you to grade your own test papers. Our staff team grades the papers as well on site. You will know that you passed before you leave. We call out the answers nice and slow.

  8. Each smoke school consists of a morning and afternoon session to allow you to send plenty of employees. Please let us know when you resister if you prefer morning or afternoon.

A big Louisiana Welcome from Miss Pamela And Uncle George Whitlow

I learned by example- not just by words from my Daddy, but by the examples that he set for me by the way he loved and lived his entire life. Second from left is my Daddy, George Wesley Whitlow from a little place called Hope in lower Arkansas. These were Daddy's best friends and brothers and he was their Major on the Monroe Louisiana Police Department. They all would have died for each other. They had each others back.

Uncle G Artie Whitlow The Smoke Commander and Smoke Master General


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