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Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.” Geneses 2:15

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Introducing the very first major family event, since Uncle Earl Whitlow founded Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School on September 1, 2001 (911), The Pensacola Beach Florida beach beside the aqua blue green Gulf of Mexico family vacatiion Smoke School, EPA Method 9 Visual Determination and certification of the opacity of smoke, sand, and dust.

Welcome to Whitlow Enterprises EPA Method 9 and 22 Visible Emissions Evaluation Training and Certification “Smoke School”. I am Uncle Earl George Artie Whitlow, and I founded Whitlow Enterprises LLC Smoke School in September 2001, because of and for the reason of just one thing: CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT YOU CAN DEPEND ON. Our Whitlow Enterprises LLC EPA Smoke School team consists of 2 retired Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) certified inspectors. And we have over 100 combined years experience in EPA and OSHA enforcement. I can guarantee you that our few competitors have never set foot on an industrial factory, except to conduct smoke school. As my momma used to say, “Life is like a box of chocolates, and this is like the blind leading the blind.” You will end up in a ditch with thousands of dollars’ worth of fines and penalties, and it will destroy your reputation worldwide.  My Momma, Johnnie Claire, was my only help when I started Whitlow Enterprises, and she loved serving yawl. I sure do miss traveling with her. She passed through the pearly gates several years ago. I am sure one day that I will join her. I feel her spirit now giving me hope and inspiration.

Whitlow Enterprises EPA Smoke School is still family made and managed after all these years. Our daughters Mandy and Ashley are now basically running the company and they are doing a fantastic job for you.  Pam and I really appreciate the way they just took over. Contrary to popular believe, EPA has not conducted an official audit of any smoke school provider since 2001. I know this for a fact, Jack, because I begged them to come audit us many times. So if one of our competitors advertises this, it is either a bald face lie or some short of illegal special favor. Check out the Code of Ethics US Government.

My side kick Saint Paul Liard and I have been expert environmental witnesses in court more times than Carter has liver pills. We are the only visible emissions experts in the world. We will be happy to evaluate your operating permit and conduct a compliance audit of your entire plant. Email us at smokeschool@yahoo.com to request an audit. We can evacuate your operating permit to give you advice on how to comply. Attach your permit when you email us  at smokeschool@yahoo.com We exist to serve you and insure complete compliance. In general your permit requires an average of 20% opacity over a 6 minute period. Ray Chars can read 20% opacity bind folded. Therefore Paul and I have researched EPA Method 9 thousands of times and we developed our own very simple interpretation to design a very simple certification test that most people can pass the first run they take it. All of our training sessions consist of ½ day training. We can have a morning and afternoon session at each location, so when you register, please inform us if you prefer morning or afternoon. You can either call us 318-361-2355, email us smokeschool@yahoo.com or click here to download a registration form.

We have over 5,000 returning customer base with over100 smoke school locations scheduled presently in 23 states. We will be more than happy to schedule a private or onsite smoke school at your facility at the drop of a hat. We have a one million dollar liability insurance coverage, but never used it, because we know the meaning of safety. We now have 6 smoke making machines for smoke school, and we are preparing to make a wide sweep nationwide expansion. It is your right to demand customer service. I plan to hire 20 new employees, who can work part time from where they live. This would be a great opportunity for husband and wife teams if you are retired and have the required experience. Please email your resumes to smokeschool@yahoo.com. We would love to have companywide smoke schools at a location of your choice. Please send a link to this website http://www.smokeschool.net/ to all of your friends. We will send you a check for $25 for referring any new customers as soon as they register and attend their first Whitlow Smoke School.  

Scholarship Program: Uncle Earl earned his BS in liberal arts, environmental health, and social studies the hard way. I earned the degree in 1998 while working for LDEQ. The degree was the result of 20 years of night school, since I graduated, played football, and pitched baseball for Neville High School in 1966. I financed my education through the GI Bill after my service in Vietnam. But I’m not sure it was worth all the people I had to kill to get it. I realize that money is tight now and sometimes hard to come by. You have raised some fine children, and you want them to have a better life than you. Therefore Whitlow Enterprises LLC Smoke School is offering a contest to receive several $100 scholarships.  To be eligible for the scholarships, ask your students send us an email and attach a 2 page essay that explains exactly why and how you motivated them to attend a college of their choice. Ask them to explain their own meaning of faith, hope, love, and charity. Please email smokeschool@yahoo.com . Have a wonderful, sunshiny, safe day, and God Bless. Here is your daily blessing for today. Amen.

Fees: Howdy folk, this is Uncle Earl Pitts AKA George Artie Whitlow, and I established Whitlow Enterprises on September 1, 2001 (911). Ever since ground zero, we have been excepting purchase orders, and many times you do not pay us for a year or more. Therefore as of this date, June 23, 2017, we will no longer except purchase orders. All fees must be paid well in advance through PayPal. Please set up an account if you do not have one. We shall also take Company Checks, mailed to our office or at the job site. We shall no longer accept credit cards. In event that you need to cancel a reservation, we shall give you credit for another location. We shall not hand out refunds. I appreciate your business, your support and your understanding form where I am coming from. We provide the very best in customer service with experienced staff, and give you ½ day field certification. We are available for onsite factory schools or companywide schools. All of our schools include lunch of catfish, gumbo, or jambalaya, and the meals are included in your registration fees. You may bring your guests to eat for $20 a plate.

Whitlow Smoke School fees:

Classroom only (recommended every 3 years)- $125

Field training and certification - $250

Lunch only- $20

Lunch children over 6- $10

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