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Whitlow Smoke School Classroom Lecture Training DVD

This classroom lecture video includes the who, what, when, where, and why, the fundamentals of visible emissions opacity observation and evaluation. The video also comes with a workbook. The video is narrated by Uncle Buck, a retired Louisiana DEQ state inspector and the founder and president of Whitlow Smoke School. The visible emissions workbook was written by Catherine Lundergan who is a retired university professor from LSU and a retired Louisiana DEQ supervisor and manager. Catherine conducted research of 40 CFR and many state and federal EPA regulations on air quality in order to create this workbook.

Contrary to popular belief, the federal EPA does not require classroom certification in order to be certified as a visible emissions evaluator to read opacity and document compliance. The EPA recommends the classroom for new attendees and recommends the classroom every 3 years thereafter. The federal EPA requires the Method 9 field-test certification test every 6 months in order to maintain certification. A few states do require the classroom every 3 years. Check with your state environmental department to see if classroom certification is required.

Back when I was a young buck, and dead broke- I used to work on my own old jalopy myself. In those days BC, before computers, you could change your own oil and sparkplugs. I would not dream of working on my pickup truck unless I had a maintenance manual for that vehicle. Anyone who thinks they can accurately conduct EPA Method 9 opacity documentation and compliance evaluations without classroom experience is very misinformed to say the least.

Whitlow Smoke School mails out smoke school Method 9 certificates within 3 weeks of the field-training and certification test for those who successfully completes the certification test. These Method 9 certificates are valid in every state who is part of the United States or a territory of the United States. EPA Method 9 is a federal requirement. These Method 9 certificates are valid for 6 months.

We mail out smoke school classroom certificates only to those who physically sit down and attend one of our classrooms at a training site.

Schedule        A Quick look at all Whitlow Smoke School Locations by State

Or we can set up a private smoke school for your plant if you wish to train at least 10 people.

Private Smoke Schools  

Again we mail out the classroom certificates within 3 weeks of the classroom. We do not mail out classroom certificates to those who only purchase and use the classroom video. The video classroom is only available on DVD.

Price including shipping and taxes $100 order Please include your name, company name, fax number, mailing address, and phone number. We will send you an invoice and you can use your credit card to complete the order. You may also order by pone 318-361-2355.

Frequently Asked Questions about the classroom DVD?

  1. Do I need to pay for the Classroom DVD before you ship it? Yes please have your credit card or checkbook handy when you make your order.

  2. Does the fee include shipping, handling and taxes? Yes

  3. Does the DVD include the Whitlow Smoke School classroom workbook? yes

  4. Is Whitlow loosing income in the long run if I purchase the Classroom DVD and do not ever go to the Whitlow Smoke School classroom on a location? Probably so, but it is for customer service. My daddy always said time is money. An hour not spent in a classroom is an hour for fishing. Fishing makes you live longer and you will come to more smoke schools. And that is the way it is.

  5. If I use the classroom video DVD, do I have to attend the smoke school classroom at a Whitlow location? No- The EPA recommends the classroom for EPA Method 9 training for all new attendees and every 3rd year thereafter. A few states do require the classroom. Check with your environmental department. I think it would be foolish to even think about reading opacity and documenting compliance without taking the classroom either at a location or via the DVD. It could cost you your job and cost your company thousands of dollars and their good reputation. I would not like to see a Dentist who did not have a college diploma on the wall and lots of experience.

  6. Do you issue a classroom certificate if I use the DVD? No we issue classroom certificates only to those who come to our smoke school classroom at a location.

  7. Am I required to take the classroom DVD to be certified in Method 9? No see above

  8. Do I have to attend and pass an EPA Method 9 certification test in order to receive a Method 9 certification for reading opacity? Yes, A certification test on a location is required every 6 months to maintain certification and take legitimate EPA Visible Emissions opacity monitoring. All opacity monitoring by a person without a current certificate is invalid. You may receive violations for not taking opacity readings, not documenting opacity readings, and for not having people certified for opacity readings.

  9. I was certified in Method 9 three years ago. I have not taken smoke school since. Do I need to take the classroom? NO see above.

  10. Is there a program where I can take the certification test at home or at my office without attending smoke school? No, you have to attend smoke school. I have heard rumors of digital smoke school but the EPA has not and probably will not ever approve digital smoke school. In my humble opinion the reason is related to the effects of ambient lighting in your office. Changes in lighting affects the appearance of what you see on your computer screen. Changes in the lighting affects the way the smoke looks on your screen. We do offer a Smoke School Practice video DVD that will help make the smoke school certification test more pleasant. Smoke school practice test visible emissions training video DVD

  11. Can I make copies of the DVD? see below

  12. People who purchase the Classroom DVD also purchase: Smoke school practice test visible emissions training video DVD, Ringelmann pocket smoke charts. Order them all and get free shipping.

  13. Can Whitlow make professional video productions for our company? Yes Whitlow's Work Place Safety Video and Film Productions



Whitlow Smoke School Classroom Copy Write January 2010. Please do not make copies without expressed permission from the National Football League and Whitlow Enterprises.

Whitlow's Work Place Safety Video and Film Productions 

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