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Global Warming Climate Change or Earth Cycle. Is there any way to stop it?     October 10, 2009

Obama and all of these scientists are trying to convince us the coal fired power plants, Freon,  and other air pollution are going to cause global warming, melt the ice bergs in Greenland, or is it Iceland, or Santa Clause land on the North Pole. They say that when the ice bergs melt, it will raise the sea level. On TV I watched one of these scientists try to explain it by placing several ice cubes in a bowl of water to watch them melt in the microwave. They also predict that there will be a climate change causing an ice age as far south as the Ohio River. In order to fix this problem, we have to shut down the coal fired power plants, just shut down all of the plants, close them down- none of us have to make a living anyway. We can all go on welfare and take a holiday and go fishing. We can all stand in line for free government health care, and we can just turn in our rifles and shotguns for a little gun control while we are at it. Well, partner, this is just my humble opinion and everybody’s got one. I am not prejudice, just because since 1976 I have made a living from industrial plants and air pollution. I am just a common man with a common van and some Pure Dee common horse sense.



Is it at all possible that earth has these climate cycles? I live near the same town where I was born in 1948 of the year of our Lord. I live out in the piney woods you see in the hills about 12 miles south of West Monroe Louisiana with the woman, the kids, and the dogs and me- well let’s not forget about the cats, chickens, horses, geese, ducks, pigeons, quail, and turtle doves- and my 3 prize pink concrete Arkansas Razorback  hogs. I just love these ancient white oak trees with the giant acorns for the deer and the squirrels.

About 15 miles south of here, near the town of Chatham Louisiana, there runs a little creek we call the Castor. During the first Great Depression- we are living in the second great depression right now- Franklin Roosevelt and the CCC built a concrete artesian water well fed camp and bathing area called Hickory Springs. We started hunting and camping in this area back in 1954 when I was a young buck age 12. We used to get our buckets of drinking water, dish water, and bathing water from Hickory Springs. Now it is all a Girl Scout camp and they want let you near the well. During the great depression the timber companies purchased all of the woods for pennies on the dollar. All the virgin hickory, white oak, and cypress trees that were not in areas to muddy to log, have been clear-cut down and replaced by harvestable loblolly pine trees to make computer paper and toilet paper for the over abundance of people living on earth who need them. It takes 10 years for the pine trees to go from seedlings to harvest. I am not complaining too badly, we all need toilet paper and we all need to make a living. The plywood plants, lumber companies, and paper mills support the entire community from loggers, to truck drivers, right on down to the local Louisiana DEQ, restaurants, banks, doctors' offices, funeral homes, churches, bars, Walmart,  and grocery stores. As my great friend Forrest Gump says, "Life is just like a box of chocolates- you never know just what you are gonna get." and "..IT happens." Well ..IT does happen every Datburn day and ..IT always flows downhill. When the plants close, it hurts the butcher, the baker and even the candlestick maker. The only things that keeps on going is naval lint and ear wax. Once I collected enough naval lint to make a triple x sweater.

 Several of these plants in North Louisiana have closed over the years crippling the entire economy. We need the plywood plants and we need the paper mills. I do like toilet paper. I have used oak leaves and once poison ivy leaves, but it caused a bad itchy painful skin rash on my hind quarters, so I prefer good ole fashion white American toilet paper- and lots of it. Give me a handicap stall with lots of room and the handles for making power squeezes and lots of toilet paper with the sturdy sheets that don't break off when you pull it down, then the little tiny slivers of toilet paper scatter all about the wet floor (sure hope that was rain water) under your feet. Show me a person who don’t use toilet paper and I will show you a person whom I do not shake hands with, especially the left hand. It reminds me of an old joke I heard when I was 12.

“Which hand to you use to wipe with?”


“I use toilet paper.”

Back in 1952 there were a lot more deer. On several occasions I saw as many as 100 head, mostly bucks 10 points or better, eating acorns in a pin oak flat not too far from Hickory Springs. It was also a lot colder back then. I remember going out into the woods with momma and daddy and my little brother, Ricky on Thanksgiving Day to cut down a Christmas tree if we could find a pine tree. Now they are all pine trees, mostly. It was cold every Thanksgiving Day bundle up. Now Louisiana has 4 seasons, summer, summer, summer, and Christmas. It also used to snow a lot. I remember it snowed on November 22, 1963, the day they shot JFK. It was the last day of school before the Thanksgiving deer season started. I was standing in the middle of the Neville High School study hall, sharpening about 75 pencils and looking at all the girls legs when Walter Cronkite announced the President has been shot over the school PA system. That very night the windshield wiper vacuum motor burned out on my old 57 Chevy Apache- we drove the Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry-  picking up truck. Since the windshield wipers would not come on, Danny Daniel had to lean out the open window on the passenger side to reach out and move the wiper blades so we could see through the snow blizzard to drive the 30 miles from Monroe to the camp. Incidentally, Danny and John Daniel both grew up to be fine folks, and they own Daniel Printing in Monroe LA, where they do all of the printing for Whitlow Smoke School Nation.

Without a doubt it was a lot colder in Louisiana back then and at one time the ocean covered most of the state. This is my point; we found this fossil near Hickory Springs. The scientist at LSU tells me more than likely that the fossil is some sort of prehistoric stingray or something from the ocean. Could be. A few months ago a fine lady emailed me that she had found an identical fossil near her beach house in Florida. There are sea shells all over the place south of West Monroe. I guess they just brought them in by the dump truck loads and spread them throughout the hills and the bottoms. More than likely the ocean covered this land at one time but has retreated south of New Orleans, about 250 miles. Incidentally the Gulf of Mexico is gaining ground again and they have spent millions of dollars trying to stop it. This is my point; the oceans were this far north before and maybe it is just part of God’s plan for them to recycle and come back, and maybe just maybe, there is nothing that we can do to stop it, except to try a little mustard seed faith and buy a boat or build an ark. "Noah! it is going to rain for 40 days and 40 nights and the sewerage is going to back up."  Or maybe they had coal fired prehistoric power plants back then and the cave men did not have any International Paper computer paper to write about it. You be the judge.

The scientist also predicts icing all the way down to the Ohio River. This is confusing to me, but I guess it is possible to have global warming and an ice age at identical times. Could this also just be recycling? About 200 miles north of here, you will run into the Ozark Mountains. We camped out in these mountains a lot back when I was a young buck. The historians say these Ozark Mountains were formed during the ice age by Glaciers. Well guess what? The ice age may be coming back, and there ain’t one iota that we can do about it but have a little mustard seed faith and bundle up.

The scientist says a comet can fall on Alabama, stars fell on Alabama- I saw it on their license plates.  It is possible for a comet to hit the earth and kill us all. They already made a movie about it. Well partner, it is hard to stop a train and we can't stop a comet.  Well we want need any more toilet paper. That is about all I have to say about that.




Update- Dec 11, 2009

Gee, some people smarter than me are beginning to doubt global warming is man made. Computer hackers steal emails from England's Climate Research Institute.  Is is all a big fat lie to create more taxes and fees. CNN Reports


It ain't over until the fat cat sings

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