Marie King Whitlow Kremos-  Childlike Faith, the Second Greatest Story Ever Told -

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By George Artie Whitlow, The Smoke Commander Visit us at Whitlow Smoke School

Marie was born in Leicester England in 1953 in the year of our Lord.

When she was 8 she was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease, which is still a very common United Kingdom disease triggered by gluten found in wheat, barley and rye.  The beautiful countryside of England has hundreds of golden fields of these crops. The majority of children diagnosed with Coeliac Disease perish. Unfortunately the final diagnosis is during autopsy. The majority of children that survive childhood die around age 35 of intestinal cancer. Coeliac is difficult to diagnose and today, there are hundreds of undiagnosed children dying of it in the United Kingdom. Marie survived both the childhood disease and intestinal cancer. This was a modern day miracle of a living God, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is Marie’s story. God created man in his image for just one reason and that is so we could obtain forgiveness from our sins and have a 2 way brotherly communication with him on his level playing field. Most of us are too buzzy running our own mouth to just shut up and listen. Jesus has told me that many, many times. Most of us sitting in the church seat just have not learned the total faith in the Lord is plain and simple like a mustard seed simple. God said it, I believe it and that settles it. I remember watching and listening to Marie talk to God and it was as if she were sitting on Jesus's lap, rather than Santa Clause- and she was 35 years old at the time. Marie was a very simple humble woman with faith like a child. God sets the stage for our life long before we are hatched. He laid out the plan for me to be working for a surgeon who was up to date on AMA Journal in 1972. If your children or grandchildren are showing symptoms of chronic heartburn or indigestion, take them immediately to your pediatrician and tell them about the story you are about to read right now. This includes all children in the United Kingdom, United States and all over the entire globe. WARNING!

Many are called, few are chosen. For some reason that I don't fully understand, Jesus chose me for communication with him. I have asked him why many times and his answer is always been because you listen. He woke me up this morning with this conversation, "For Pam's sake, I am not going to let you die any time soon."

"I know, thank you."

"I have to allow a lot of bad things happen, like the twin towers. It hurt me deeply, but I had to let it happen. I could have stopped it."

"I know. I remember that September morning watching the news while those people were jumping off the roof. I asked you if there was a long line for Peter at the Pearly gates."

"All those people are with me now. I chose them. Many of them are able to communicate with their family. because I taught them how to listen. You have not because you ask not."


I am Choctaw Native American Indian and I speak these words with wisdom that comes with heritage, age, time, and learning patience and obedience the hard way. I have been there, done that, and taken a few pictures. I am waiting for the new heaven and the new earth, which will be like this earth was before the white man came to destroy it for silver and gold. I have survived cataract surgery, the left eye last Monday, and I see the world 20/20 for the first time since I was 40. I survived open heart surgery in August and have a new pig heart valve in my aorta. This week I noticed yet another fluid build up and have felt dizzy. My house is in order and I am waiting for my guardian Angel to escort me to my creator, Jesus and the happy hunting ground. I only hesitate because of my new bride, the love of my life, Pamela. Pam was already widowed 2 years ago and it is not fair to her. Pam is a gift from God and is the most loving person that was ever born. And that is the truth. Marie is the second most loving person ever born. This is Marie's story.

Hind sight is 20/20 so here goes. I met Marie in 1978 on a Friday night at a NCO Club dance at The US Air Force Base at RAF Alconbury. The USO bussed in hundreds of women from all over the United Kingdom to all USA military bases every weekend. Marie was beautiful with long curly thick black hair, radiant childlike smile, big baby blue eyes, and a petite body with an ample figure. I asked her to dance and we were married a year later. God sets the stage for our life. The Christmas before Marie and I were married, I got a late start to her parents home for the 2 week holiday period. I left my office about 9 PM and it was a white Christmas on that Friday night. Her parents house was 50 miles away. I was aware of the black invisible ice and I was driving slow, about 30 mph. I hit the black ice about half way home. I was driving my Datson B210 hatch back. British highway engineers design highways for black ice. Some curbs are 8 inches high. The Datson skidded around in 100 circles and the back tires collided with the curb. The impact laid my seat all the way into the reclining position. As usual I was not wearing my seat belt. The sudden impact shattered the back glass all over my chest and face, but I was not hurt. The car was still running, so I thanked God and eased on down the road to Marie' place.

A year after that we I was assigned to Environmental Medicine at USAF Hospital, Eglin AFB  at Fort Walton Beach Florida. My boss was a Flight Surgeon. Marie was having chronic indigestion problems. I asked my Major about the signs and symptoms. He was sitting at my desk. I told him about the coeliac disease from Marie’s childhood. He looked me in the eye and said Marie had intestinal cancer and she was only 35 years old. The doctor explained that he had just finished reading research about the disease in the American Medical Journal and Marie had all the symptoms. Two weeks later he came back into my office and laid the results of the biopsy on my desk. The Surgeon said he had scheduled surgery in a month at Keesler AFB Medical Center in Biloxi Mississippi.

Marie and I arrived at the hospital on Friday afternoon. The surgeons laid out all the x-rays and cat scans and discussed the treatment options. They said since the cancer was so wide spread from duodenum small intestine, to colon, and to her pancreas, that the surgery would last 8 hours. Marie had a 50/50% chance of surviving the surgery and then a 50/50% chance of surviving for 7 years. Marie would be a full fledge diabetic on insulin and she would have colostomy bag.

They gave us a hotel room at Base Billeting. We unpacked our baggage and walked down to the Gulf of Mexico Beach and sit in the sand on a blanket. I wasn’t making but $300 a month after child support from a previous marriage. Marie had 3 children, Greco was 2 years old. I gave her other 2 teenage boys the option of coming with us to Florida and finding a job or staying with their grandmother. Their birth farther owned a casino in Africa and promised them a Mercedes Benes if they stayed in Leicester England. What would you do?

I suggested that we move back to England and move in with her parents again, so she could die with her family and all 3 of her children, and receive free government medical care. Just as you would expect the free medical care was not much of an advantage. The wait for surgery was 7 years. Marie said she would just assume to die in Florida as anywhere else. Her sister flew in from Leicester and my momma, Miss Johnnie Claire drove in from Baton Rouge.

During the Vietnam War I married a Florida Cracker and became a part time off and on again guest preacher in the Assembly of God Church in California, Columbia Louisiana and Altus AFB in Oklahoma for 7 years. I stopped preaching and attending Church after the divorce, because I did not want to be a hypocrite. On this particular miracle Sunday Morning I woke up and got dressed. I opened up the phone book to the yellow pages. Then I closed my eyes and pointed my finger to First Assembly of God Church Gulfport Mississippi and we went there because I had witnessed many miracles in the Assembly of God churches over the 7 year period.

As I fully expected God was there at home as usual. Marie and I arrived late as usual for me. We sat 4 benches from the back door as usual for me. I knew I would need a smoke break. There were about 59 people inside and they were singing Amazing Grace how sweet the sound. After the song the preacher stopped singing and looked straight at Marie in the back of his church. “Someone is here because they need a miracle cure. They have cancer.” He stepped away from the alter and walked past me to the back door. I turned and looked at his face. I had never even heard of him before and I still do not remember his name. He was just the messenger of Jesus the Christ man. Then the preacher turned and walked past me, stopped and turned around. Then he reached past me and touched the cancer in Marie’s small intestine. “The surgeon will not find what he expects to find. When I touched you, you were healed.” He led Marie and me to the alter with him. There were songs of praise.

The next morning, Monday bright and early, the preacher joined my mother, Marie’s sister, and me in the surgery waiting room. Just 4 hours later, the Surgeon came to us with joy on his face. “We did not find what we expected to. The cancer had shrank to the size of a mustard seed. I sliced out 2 inches of her small intestine, sewed it back together,  and she will be fine. It must have been a miracle of God.” Marie had dropped down to 65 pounds skin sagging over skeleton. She was in terrible constant pain. The hospital sent us home after a week. Marie never took chemo or radiation. She just had routine follow up x-rays. Marie turned super religious after her personal miracle. I was still trying to ignore God, so I filed for a divorce. Today I see pictures of Marie on Greco Kremos Facebook. His mother, Marie has aged well and has about the same figure she had the first time I saw her. Marie is still cancer free after her miracle and still looks lovely for 62. She still has that petite childlike appearance and radiant smile. Besides her miracle intestinal cancer cure, Marie was able to learn a lifelong skill that enabled her to escape total welfare poverty. She worked on construction crews building houses and apartments in Baton Rouge after I resigned my commission with the air force to take a job with Louisiana DEQ in 1983. The burley men on her team used to pick on Marie with of all things, a nail gun, because she was so petite with that royal British accent, “Got any Blokes around here.” Today at 62 she still works as a flagman on a road construction crew, a job that pays darn well in the United Kingdom.

Marie learned skills in Baton Rouge that broke the welfare chain in her family. Welfare in England is much better than here all over America, because you do not see the poverty, it is hidden. All of Marie’s entire family and all of her friends were in Government Housing. I have eaten supper at many of these low income houses and trust me, they are much better than most middle working class houses that I have seen in America. I really like the fact that all electrical receptacle boxes are mounted chest level on the wall out of reach for small children. They never hide the boxes behind the bed or Chester drawers. Each government house is equipped with a coin operated natural gas meter. All you got to do is drop a 50 pence coin, about the size of a silver dollar into the slot and you have gas for your beans. Once a month the meter maid comes and removes the coins and hands you a refund if required. It is a lot like a monthly tax refund. Most government housing has very small refrigerators and people walk and shop every day at local inside and outside markets. Not many of these poor folks can afford the luxury of vehicles. Marie had never driven a car until we moved of Florida. Everyone relies on their own 2 feet, busses, or high speed government owned rapid passenger trains. The food is always fresh. British people sleep upstairs, which is not heated. They may have a coal pan bed warmer. They all sleep with the window open and this may explain why there are fewer colds caught in England. However, if you live close to a wheat field you are exposed to gluten and your children are subject to dying from coeliac disease, which is extremely difficult to diagnose.

England is overpopulated. There are far too many people living in the United Kingdom than there are jobs. The Queen and her Royal family get most of the money. But never say a bad word about the Queen or you will get busted in the lips. Marie broke the cycle by learning a great lifelong skill in Louisiana. I learned to keep my mouth shut about the Queen. I had the privilege of seeing her, Prince Charles, and Lady Dianna twice. I saw them once in their marriage carriage in London. I was heartbroken when Dianna was killed. She was so sweet, brave, and loving. And that is the rest of the story. Thank you for taking time to read this story of faith. God is real. My own private personal belief is that they have discovered a cure for all cancers, but they will keep it a secret from us because of the millions of dollars they make in cancer centers, for example see Mary Byrd Perkins Cancer Center in Baton Rouge. Over the years many doctors have told me that Jesus does all the curing and they are just an instrument of God. Perhaps you need a miracle cure and just don’t have quiet enough faith. All it takes is the child like mustard seed faith. I suggest that you look around for an Assembly of God Church and go inside. If you feel the presence of God, then stick around and wait. He will show up as scheduled. Every knee show bow. Every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Call me if you need some encouragement at 318-267-1453 and ask for the Smoke Commander. You may email your story to subject Jesus healing. Thanks for coming. Be well. Do good work and stay in touch.

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Merry Christmas on December 23, 2015 from the home of Miss Pamela and Uncle George, the Smoke Commander- not the Duck Commander, although we are neighbors out here in the woods near West Monroe Louisiana. 



Picture image descriptions:

1. Abby Road the Beatles- The greatest rock band ever. I took this picture.

2 and 3- There are guardian angels all around us

4- They named a street after me in England

5. Jesus today as painted by a 7 year old girl.

8- British Government housing better than middle class housing here in America

9-Marie King Whitlow Kremos today. Still cancer free at 62 and still working using skills she learned in Baton Rouge in 1983.

10- British golden wheat fields the source of bread and gluten that is harmful to your health. You may want to use gluten free bread and flour. The symptoms of terminal coeliac is very difficult to diagnose because they mimic many childhood diseases.

11-Pam and me, our first Christmas 2015 as husband and wife. My first Christmas after being physically reborn again with surgical implant of a pig heart valve. I love pigs.

12. Queen Elizabeth who gets all the money. Don't ever say anything bad about the Queen or she will punch you in the nose

13. I took this picture standing on the sidewalk in London as Dianna and Charles were headed to the wedding chapel.

14- The Lord is our Sheppard and he is valley good to all of us.

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