Please give us your honest opinion of Whitlow Smoke School Web Page or Our Training Program

Recently I received an email that indicated that the web page is not professional and that they hesitated in choosing Whitlow Smoke School for service because the web page was not professional. They objected to the music and the family photos. I was writing web pages for fun a long time before we started smoke school. I have worked in a few plants before and I know that your jobs are not that much fun. I have stood under a conveyor belt and watched long pieces of Lone Star Steel pipes come towards me glowing red hot at 90 miles an hour for 12 hour shifts. Then a system of step like devices moved the pieces of hot pipes down towards me through a series of metal circular saws cutting the hot pipes to the desired lengths. When the ends of the pipes jammed up the saws or the conveyor system, I had to use fireman's gloves and tongs and go in there next to the saws and remove the pieces of pipe. One slip up I could easily loose a leg or an arm or be cut in half. It takes a special person to do this type of job and I lasted about a week. I decided to join the Air Force during the Viet Nam War where it seemed safer. I know that plants now are safer. I have been to about a million plants and I see the signs in front- so many days since the last accident. I still say it takes special people to work in these plants, and you deserve a break today. Hence the comedy on the web page, the pictures, and the music. This is one of the reasons I try to make smoke school not only educational but fun and remarkable. I have walked a mile or so in your shoes and I appreciate your dedication to keeping America productive. But the guy could be right. Maybe the web page should be more professional. We have 3,000 customers on our mailing list for emails. My wife Angie says that many of you come up to her during the school. You talk to her, you know her name, and you ask her about our family. This makes her feel liked and important. Thank you for that. To me this indicates that you have read the web page and the monthly emails. Thank you for that also.

Nevertheless we are still small. We generally average about 15 to 30 people per school location. The other guy the giant, gets about 200. The good Lord knows that I am trying to spread the word- maybe I should change the web page. I have no idea how many look at the web page and runs away. After all we exist to serve you. We are totally dependant on you to stay in business. So please give me your opinion.


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