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Purchase Amish Made Homemade Peanut Brittle and other Candies

Home cooked for over 35 years by Melvin and Sharon Yoder and Family

On their Amish Farm in the Southwest Indiana Amish Community North of Montgomery Indiana

Presented to you by Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School

I am posting these peanut brittle and other candy as a favor to my long time friends the Yoder's. The prices listed below are the approximate prices including shipping at the time that I wrote this web page. This Amish family, like most Amish do not have electricity, therefore they do not have computers nor access to the internet. They are allowed to have a phone for business. The phone is not allowed inside the house. Therefore you should call them between 8- 5 central time at

Phone Melvin or Sharon Yoder 812-486-3787. They do not have voice mail. Remember that the phone is not inside the house, so let it ring long enough for them to walk outside to answer it. All orders taken over the phone and paid by check.

  1. Amish Made peanut butter. Price $5 for 12 ounce bag. Picture of bag --picture of individual pieces.

  2. Amish Made Babe Ruth Bars. Price $5 for 12 ounce bag. Picture of bag

  3. Amish Made Chocolate Crispy Squares. Price $5 for 8 ounce bag. Picture of bag

  4. Amish Made White Chocolate Coated Pretzels. Price $5 for 8 ounce bag. Picture of bag

  5. Amish Made Chocolate Peanut Clusters. Price $5 for 12 ounce bag. Picture of bag

  6. Amish Made chocolate peanut butter balls. Price $5 for 12 ounce bag. Picture of bag

  7. Amish Made white chocolate crunch. Price $5 for 12 ounce bag. Picture of bag

About Amish made candy from Melvin Yoder and family

When I first moved to Indiana in 2001, I lived just down the gravel road from Melvin and Sharon Yoder. I just couldn't miss the wonderful smell of the peanut brittle coming form the Amish made shed next to their barn. For me it was like walking back into time. It reminded me of those old stage coach days back in Dodge City with Marshal Dillon, Chester, and my favorite Miss Kitty. I walked over past the fine twin Belgian Horses and the black buggy and moseyed over to the open door of the shed. There inside I found tables full of peanut brittle and perhaps the most friendliest, honest, simple, peaceful, and hardest working people I have ever known. This was my very first real long term close encounter of the third kind with Amish people. I have grown to love them and their way of life, although I couldn't live like that. I need my electricity, internet, Chevrolet, and my GPS to get me there and back.


The very first time I ran into peanut brittle of this caliber was at the Bonny and Clyde Trade Days and Flea market back home in Arcadia Louisiana. Most of yawl are aware that this was the location where the sheriff Posey ambushed Bonnie and Clyde. I cant help it, I was raised in a flea market family. Momma had 9 million hubcaps nailed to the outside wall, 18 washers and dryers on the porch and wall to wall junk in every single room. Her and daddy wore tee shirts that said we buy junk and sell antiques. We had a booth at the Arcadia flea market every month. Momma sold a lot of stuff to antique dealers from Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. On this particular very hot day in the upper 90s, the man next to us was selling peanut brittle. He was a Mennonite which is a branch of the Amish, as for as I know. The man was donating all of the funds to his church. He was dressed weirdly for North Louisiana Standards. He held this plate of peanut brittle which he tempted the thousands of shoppers passing by.

"Want some peanut brittle"

"Nope- I'm on a diet. "

"One piece wont hurt you, take a sample."

I watched them take a piece and walk away eating it. they always stopped and came back for a bag. Every single time. Me and momma had bets on how far they would get before they would turn around. I must have sampled over a thousand pieces and gained 60 pounds during that 3 days at the Bonnie and Clyde Flea market. I tried many other peanut brittle and have never had anything that come even close until I met Melvin and Sharon Yoder right there in the middle of an Indiana corn field- a field of dreams.

Yawl who have been coming to smoke school know that we give things away just to make the school less stressful and more fun. Life can be hectic and stressful enough without the stress of smoke school. I have given away hats, tee shirts, Mardi grass beads, and even two legged chickens. But i have never seen anyone react they way they do about receiving Yoder's peanut brittle. I like it because it taste wonderful. I am not proud of the fact that I have bad teeth. Thanks to my years in the Air Force and free dental care, I have an entire mouth full of mercury fillings, enough to set off the metal detector in the airport. I have had more root canals than Carter has little liver pills. It breaks up easily and melts right there in your mouth and makes you smile. In the long run, it may rot your teeth, but who cares, it taste good and it is good for you.

The Yoder's make this peanut brittle in the shed which was built by the Amish Community in 2 weeks. The shed is as large as most high school gyms. In fact this being Indiana, they have a basketball court in the shed next to the kitchen. My momma used to love the Yoder's. She spent more time there than she did my house. Momma would help Melvin, Sharon, and all the kids make the peanut brittle. I on the other hand, just watched them. They cooked this brittle on old fashioned cast iron table burners like momma used to sell in the junk store and that I often used when I roughed it camping and deer hunting back down on the  bayou in Louisiana. They had about 8 burners and propane bottles working all the time. They could talk, laugh, tell stories and constantly stir. When the brittle was done they would pour it into large stainless steel platters and let it cool. Then after it solidified, they would crack it up and bag it.  They have been making it the very same way now for over 35 years. The Yoder's cook and sell the brittle form October till New Years day year after year.  Have a nice day and be sure to brush and floss aver every meal. My dentist asked me if I flossed every day. I said no. He asked me when was the last time I did floss, I said I think you did it 6 months ago.


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