Strange things, can and do happen.  Getting ready for today's school, in the dark, I turned everything on to make sure it was working.    When I flipped the switch for the blower it made a thumping noise, then quit and the motor just hummed, then blew a fuse.   So, fumbling in the dark I looked down the pipe into the blower to see if there was something in it.  Low and behold a possum had entered the stack where it is hinged and looking for an escape route, tried to get out the blower.  Ever read the opacity of possum fur ?   I had to take the plate off and reach in and pull him out.   As soon as he hit the ground he laid rubber and was gone.    Never seen a posssum run that fast.   Never seen a BLACK possum either.  I had thought many time that I needed to make a cover for the pipe,   was worried a cat or some thing might get in there.   It finally did, so this afternoon I made a cover for the pipe.    Might want to make one yourself, before some thing get's in your blower.   
And that is the excitement on gobbler's knob,  in Ragelsville,  IN.   for today...Contributed by Dave Hudson Odon Indiana Whitlow Crew.

It ain't over until the fat cat sings


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