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For most of my life, I have suffered from a very embarrassing situation. I first ran into the problem back in the 1960s when I started playing football for the Neville High School fighting Tigers in Monroe Louisiana.  From my daily exposure to fungus in the training room I developed prolonged and continuous Athletes foot (tinea pedis), that plagued me most of my life. The burning, itching, and flaky skin just caused me havoc. I started wearing only white socks, and on many occasions sandals to air out my feet. Over the years I must have used a ton of Desenex and Lamisil. After I stopped playing football the problem continued from additional fungus exposure in various gyms and locker rooms both in the Air Force and at the YMCA. I could get it cleared up for days, weeks, or even months but it always came back to nag me. While working in Environmental Health in the Air Force, I inspected gyms and instructed the house keepers to use bleach mixed in with the mop water to help control the fungus. Be sure not to mix bleach and ammonia because the combination creates sodium hypochlorite, the gas that was used by the Nazi's to murder the Jews during the holocaust

Over the last several years, my toenails got thicker and turned an ugly embarrassing yellow.  The heels of my feet started cracking. I associated these symptoms with old age and diabetes. Then one fine day a few months ago, I missed a turn after leaving my family doctors office and passed a sign that said Foot Doctor and I decided to walk in. Doctor Jared Reeves of Apple Podiatry changed my life. I told DR Reeves that I thought my cracked feet and yellow toenails were due to diabetes. He informed me that I was mistaken and that the suffering was due to toenail fungus and athletes foot. He prescribed a daily pill Terbinafine HCL and a cream ointment that has be mixed by a licensed Pharmacist. The cream consists of salicylic acid and petroleum jelly which you apply daily after a bath. Incidentally the combination has been cited to cure teenage acme. I wish that I had known that back at Neville High School- I may have gotten a few dates and not have been so lonely.

Over the past several years I have been to the Oriental pedicure and nail place in the Walmart stores across the nation. If you have not had a pedicure you should try it- ainít nuttin like it. You just sit back and relax in a comfortable massage chair, the attendant fills up the bowl with some hot soapy water and you soak your feet. Then she will scrape away the loose flaky skin and file and cut your toenails. I am sort of fat, so I cannot reach my toenails easily. I usually ask them to paint my toenails clear to hide the yellow a few days. To my disappointment when she usually finishes my toenails were still yellow and thick and my heels remained cracked, but not this time. After taking the medications only about a week, when the attendant filed my nails, right before my eyes, the yellow disappeared instantly- and I had been plagued with this for nearly 20 years. It was a miracle.

I associate this healing with using over the counter medications to cure head lice. Sometimes you just must have prescription strength medications. If you live in the Monroe Louisiana area, you should try Dr Reeves at Apple Podiatry, 2106 North 7th Street, West Monroe Louisiana 71291; phone 318-325-0183. Dr Reeves has decorated his clinic with war artifacts and photographs if you are into such a thing. You should make an appointment with Dr Reeves or any licensed podiatrist in your area. And that is the way it is.

It ain't over until the fat cat sings

 smoke school stories and family stories 

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smoke school stories and family stories

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