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Whitlow Green EPA Smoke School Registration Page

Welcome aboard. Thanks for choosing the best smoke school. We are here for only one single reason. Whitlow Green is here to provide you with the best, friendliest, and most complete customer service available. That is our only goal and mission. Thank you for your suggestions. They made us what we are today. The customer is always right and we always listen. We strive to be user friendly.

We feature many ways for you to register quick and easy. Please include the following important information:

1.   Your name

2.   Company name

3.   Company mailing address

4.   Location of smoke school of your choice

5.   Date of that smoke school

6.   Names of employees who will be attending Whitlow Green Smoke School

7.   Do they need to attend the classroom (EPA recommends the classroom for all first timers and every three years)

8.   Do they need the field training and certification (EPA requires this every 6 months)

9.   Your credit card number, zip code, and expiration date (Optional- probably best of you called 870-997-0100 and gave your credit card            information)

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Methods of registration:

Register by phone: 870-997-0100

You can click here to download our registration form.

Then you can save it to your computer, type in the information on the form, then save it again.

Email the form as an attachment to

Mail the form to:

Whitlow-Green EPA Smoke School, LLC

P.O. Box 788

Sheridan, AR 72150

Thank you very much for choosing Whitlow Green EPA Smoke School.

NOTE:  Starting in 2019 all certificates will be sent digitally via email. We will send hard copies upon company request.

Registration Form

Click here to Download our registration form and get registered for one of upcoming classes today!

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