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Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.” Geneses 2:15

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Whitlow Enterprises USA Smoke School Division

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Like Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, Whitlow Enterprises is the Super Bowl Champions of EPA Smoke School. We have been up. We've been down. We have been robbed on a cash. We've been robbed on a credit. We may have been run over by 4 log trucks on the highway and 3 hen houses. We've been skeeter bit, had poison Ivey and the 7 year itch. A couple of times struck by lightning, struck by Congress
Struck by friends and kinfolks eell as by three cars on highways
A lot of times in people's hen houses, I been hit and run down
Run over and walked on knocked around, I'm just sittin' here
Now tryin' to study up what else I can do to show
That I still ain't afraid of hard work.

But we are not quitters. My dear ole departed daddy often said, " A  quitter never wins, and a winner never quits." Since Uncle Earl created Whitlow Enterprises in September 2001, we have took in well over $25 million in sales from our over 5,000 company customer base, who keeps coming back time after time- twice each year, as required by EPA Method 9 Visible Emissions certification and training. Now we are going public and giving you a chance to invest in our future for the next $25 million we plan to make in the next 2 years, with your help and support. Shares of stock is now available at only $50 a share. Be a part of the champion team of Whitlow Enterprises.

Uncle Earl and Miss Pam welcome you to try Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School International. We are family owned and operated from the home of the Duck Dynasty family in West Monroe, Louisiana. One of our smaller missions is to conduct EPA Reference Method 9 and 22, smoke school opacity training, and certification. The only official audit of any smoke school provider was conducted last October by Nucor Steel, and Whitlow was the only smoke school company to pass the audit. The chances are that your smoke school certificate is no longer valid, in accordance to EPA Method 9 requirements.

Presently we are conducting semiannual smoke schools at over 100 locations in 23 states, and we are now expanding international. We choose training locations that provide shelter from rain and snow. All of our schools are ½ day.  We grade your test papers on site and advise you if you pass the test before you leave. Please do not leave a training location until we say you passed. Our fees are reasonable at field certification and training, and optional classroom is $375 and field certification only is $250. All reservations should be made in advance over the telephone, and we prefer to be paid in advance. Advance payment or registration is strongly suggested, but is not mandatory. We accept purchase orders. I have been the victim of identity theft 4 times, so please call us to use your credit card. Please call us to negotiate onsite private or open smoke schools. You may choose to register by phone at any of our current smoke school locations or any smoke school on our smoke school schedule. You may also call us to set up a new location at or in a park near your factory.

Our overall mission is to teach you compliance with your Title V environmental operating permit. Please bring a copy of your permit or email it to us, so we can inform you of your responsibilities in meeting the visible emissions requirements. After all, our mission is to teach and insure compliance in an attempt to achieve clean air and water for our American Nation. We have 2 retired Louisiana DEQ inspectors on staff. Whitlow Enterprises Smoke School International is a branch of Whitlow Enterprises Enviro-Cares International Services Network, and that mission is to establish class action environmental law suits for non-compliance with the laws of the United Sates EPA. We will be comparing recent EPA complaint investigations with the CDC Atlanta lung cancer death rate per state, and our lawyers will take appropriate actions. Thank you very much for your time and your service to America. We are certain that you will love shopping online in our 3 Dimensional Printer Engraver tombstone and gift ship. We custom make anything that you can imagine out of wood, granite, stone, concrete, glass, or metal. We can be your one stop for metal sign labeling. Your company logo would look great on one of our Bowie knifes.

Employment opportunities: We are now accepting resumes for the following: computer geeks, graphic artists, office staff, sales, marketing, interior decorators, seamstress sewing, florists, real estate sales and brokers, notaries, license tag clerks, licensed pesticide, beauticians, cosmetologist, fresh lawyers, law students, environmental investigators to become raiders, car sales, smoke machine operators, and teachers, silk screen T-shirt operators, and welders and fabricators. The number one need right now is for someone to operate the $40,000 three dimensional printer, engraver, and etcher.

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